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title: Welcome to Middleman
<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 400 340" class="middleman-logo" aria-labelledby="middleman-logo__title" role="img">
<title id="middleman-logo__title">Middleman</title>
<path class="middleman-logo__top-left-bar" fill-opacity=".45" d="M0 40L200 0v30L0 60z"/>
<path class="middleman-logo__top-right-bar" fill="#fff" d="M200 0l200 40v20L200 30z"/>
<path class="middleman-logo__left-m" fill-opacity=".45" d="M0 78v184l45 5V152l45 83 47-83v129l53 7V52l-57 8-43 83-43-70z"/>
<path class="middleman-logo__right-m" fill="#fff" d="M400 78v184l-45 5V152l-45 83-47-83v129l-53 7V52l57 8 43 83 43-70z"/>
<path class="middleman-logo__bottom-left-bar" fill-opacity=".45" d="M0 300l200 40v-30L0 280z"/>
<path class="middleman-logo__bottom-right-bar" fill="#fff" d="M200 340l200-40v-20l-200 30z"/>
Middleman is Running
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