The documentation for Plume.
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Installing Rust & Cargo

TODO: instructions to choose the correct nightly directly?

Rust and Cargo use a special installer called RustUp that let's you manage various versions of these two programs in parallel.

You can eventually create a specific user for your Rust and Plume installations, to isolate them from the rest of your system. This step is recommended if you are in a production environment, but it is not necessary.

adduser plume
su - plume
cd ~

You can now install RustUp on GNU/Linux and Mac OS X with:

curl -sSf | sh

When asked, choose the "1) Proceed with installation (default)" option.

Then run this command to be able to run cargo in the current session:

export PATH="$PATH:/home/plume/.cargo/bin:/home/plume/.local/bin:/usr/local/sbin"

On Windows, you'll need, if you don't already have them, to download and install the Visual C++ 2015 Build Tools. Then, download the rustup installer and run it.

You can check that everything is correctly installed with rustc --version and cargo --version.

We can now compile Plume's source code.

Compiling Plume