22 Commits (main)

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  Kitaiti Makoto 94ccbd6190 Move Rust flag for plume-front to .cargo/config.toml from env var 2 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto 5d38c3ad70 Fix file name 2 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto 6fcece3bc0 Follow file name change 2 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto affe24b9c6 Replace cargo-web with wasm-pack on build environment 2 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto 3ac94b3e43 Add script to prebuild in Docker container 3 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto 254eef6a2a Add prebuild script 4 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto 55abbff9b8 Use Caddy v2 on build env 4 months ago
  KemoNine 02c528cae4
Bump llvm -> 9.0.0 (fixes arm builds) (#737) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima a9441a8804 Fix lettre (#706) 1 year ago
  KemoNine e7126ae335 Fix arm builds (#612) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima 90f6ef0380
upload artifact of wasm binary (#571) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima 918bda14ec
rewrite circleci config (#558) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima 49bb8cb0bc
import migrations and don't require diesel_cli for admins (#555) 2 years ago
  fdb-hiroshima a20d2df50a
Upload artifacts to pull request deploy environment (#539) 2 years ago
  fdb-hiroshima 6acb962e72
strip binary before packing (#533) 2 years ago
  fdb-hiroshima 6bb4f8514f remove test after running it, and bump cache version (#531) 2 years ago
  fdb-hiroshima 3d82265b85 try to build release plume&plm on ci (#528) 2 years ago
  fdb-hiroshima eabe73ddc0
Add tests for plume webserver (#513) 2 years ago
  fdb-hiroshima 26fc2cde5d
use circleci instead of travis (#511) 2 years ago
  KemoNine a2ddfb0ee9 Fix Plume arm builds (#427) 2 years ago
  KemoNine dfa89e227a Plume front arm support (#402) 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez b28411da99
Test with PostgreSQL too (#309) 2 years ago