97 Commits (8aa4ae43022889a93231cb8566c70d9239a80be5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mina Galić 1dfad6469b
initialize Actor system in main, as well as SearcherActor 5 months ago
  Mina Galić a107d35492
upgrade rocket* to the latest stable 6 months ago
  KITAITI Makoto 92a386277b
Switchable tokenizer (#776) 7 months ago
  Daniel Watkins efb76a3c17
remove dependency on runtime-fmt (#773) 8 months ago
  Ana Gelez 5f8d6b8e0e Rust 2018! (#726) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima 3663bffe5c Update compiler (#725) 1 year ago
  Violet Myers 458baf5f78 Syntax highlighting (#691) 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez 597778fd2f release Alpha 4 (#709) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima a9441a8804 Fix lettre (#706) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima fb60236a54
update dependancies (#643) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima 4f7c20fc26 Fix some federation issue (#573) 1 year ago
  Wilfried OLLIVIER c031804464 Add clap to plume in order to print help and version (#631) 1 year ago
  Igor Galić 8c59c822b6 refactor code to use Shrinkwraprs and diesel-derive-newtype (#598) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima 5579f64dd0
update dependancies (#574) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima 49bb8cb0bc
import migrations and don't require diesel_cli for admins (#555) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez ec57f1e687
Remove Canapi (#540) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 3ad1f6968c
Version bump: 0.3.0 (alpha 2) (#529) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 68dd8602b2
New Crowdin translations (#479) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima 0d708e1639 Add support for remote interact (#519) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 12efe721cc
Big refactoring of the Inbox (#443) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima eabe73ddc0
Add tests for plume webserver (#513) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 9076dbaadc
New editor (#458) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 42dca3daae
Remove some unused #[derive] (#473) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez a2b9d7ec44
Password reset (#448) 1 year ago
  zcdunn 7bac70a483 Update nodeinfo (#446) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 77bfe635d7
Update dependencies (#440) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 7eef4643c8
Update rocket_i18n and add gettext_macros (#431) 2 years ago
  fdb-hiroshima 944a9d08a7
Update dependencies (#428) 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 3fce5d6a14
Use Rust for the front-end too (#374) 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 8ff6332784
I'm not the only one who made Plume è_é (#373) 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 9e799f2cf2
Use SCSS (#355) 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard 21fe63665d Upgrade rocket_csrf 2 years ago
  fdb-hiroshima e1ecc7289f
Upgrade plume dependencies (#332) 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 70af57c6e1
Use Ructe (#327) 2 years ago
  fdb-hiroshima 449641d158
Add a search engine into Plume (#324) 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard 00a205a882 Update debian installation doc 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard ed5bafbbc4 Update webfinger and reqwest 2 years ago
  Bat d0d1210e21 Document new command-line tools 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard d3ed2d8af5 Fix regression and update rocket_csrf 2 years ago
  Bat 38d737ed0c
Introduce features to choose between SQlite or Postgres 2 years ago
  Igor Galić e5691f7b23
add sqlite as diesel dependency 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard fceb9ab0cd Update cookie management a bit 2 years ago
  Bat 72fd9eb610 API: Filter posts in the list 2 years ago
  Bat f893056d6d Mount the API endpoints 2 years ago
  Bat 1500267125 Add canapi and try to use for the API 2 years ago
  Bat 8fa83dfe25 Version bump 2 years ago
  Bat 8879935925 Add the possibility to save an article as draft 2 years ago
  Bat a3b7d5557b Allow newer Tera versions 2 years ago
  Bat 2f53cb9122 Update rocket_csrf 2 years ago
  Bat c0d0f98d1f Update rocket_csrf and enable protection again 2 years ago