22 Commits (f6d169567c922683be52f48164a2eabd7291107b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ana Gelez f6d169567c
Introduce Searcher::new 7 months ago
  Ana Gelez eaad38ad2c
Avoid unwrapping, return an Error instead 7 months ago
  Mina Galić 962fbcc503
plume-model: refactor Searcher to have its own DbPool 7 months ago
  Mina Galić f945e18bf1
Revert "Add an SearcherActor, wrapping Searcher & DbPool" 6 months ago
  Mina Galić 5e17636b9d
Add an SearcherActor, wrapping Searcher & DbPool 7 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto 484659fde2 Run cargo fmt 7 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto c5d03d300b Cause IndexInvalidDataError when search index is invalid 7 months ago
  KITAITI Makoto 92a386277b
Switchable tokenizer (#776) 8 months ago
  KITAITI Makoto ef70cb93e6
Upgrade Tantivy to v0.12.0 (#771) 9 months ago
  Ana Gelez 5f8d6b8e0e Rust 2018! (#726) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima 3663bffe5c Update compiler (#725) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima bf7603d439
don't index drafts (#656) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima 49bb8cb0bc
import migrations and don't require diesel_cli for admins (#555) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima 26fc2cde5d
use circleci instead of travis (#511) 1 year ago
  Atul Bhosale b945d1f602 Run 'cargo fmt' to format code (#489) 1 year ago
  Igor Galić 732f514da7 Refactor with the help of Clippy (#462) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez fe6e69d7c4
Add a fqn field to blogs and users (#457) 2 years ago
  fdb-hiroshima 944a9d08a7
Update dependencies (#428) 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 80a4dae8bd
Avoid panics (#392) 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard d6e220cc8d Actually index post_id in tantivy 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard 39deede935 Verify signature date 2 years ago
  fdb-hiroshima 449641d158
Add a search engine into Plume (#324) 2 years ago