#813 WIP: Extract DbConn, Searcher & Worker into Riker Actors

igalicigalic/Plume:refactor/extract-actors から main への 18 コミットのマージを希望しています

18 コミット

作成者 SHA1 メッセージ 日付
  Ana Gelez 8aa4ae4302
Make tests compile again 3ヶ月前
  Mina Galić 56091c0d49
add UpdateDocument to list of SearcherActor messages 3ヶ月前
  Mina Galić d7e380f83e
remove Searcher from Post::update() 3ヶ月前
  Mina Galić 06e20299e0
use searcher_actor for posts update route (instead of post.update()) 3ヶ月前
  Mina Galić 94cf4dab98
add ActorSystem member to PlumeRocket 3ヶ月前
  Mina Galić 1dfad6469b
initialize Actor system in main, as well as SearcherActor 4ヶ月前
  Ana Gelez ee6a562404
Wrap Searcher in an Arc only in main 4ヶ月前
  Mina Galić 54496c1527
Implement an actor around Searcher 4ヶ月前
  Mina Galić 4b0b03b848
plume-models: fix test compilation 4ヶ月前
  Ana Gelez f6d169567c
Introduce Searcher::new 4ヶ月前
  Ana Gelez eaad38ad2c
Avoid unwrapping, return an Error instead 4ヶ月前
  Mina Galić 962fbcc503
plume-model: refactor Searcher to have its own DbPool 4ヶ月前
  Mina Galić f945e18bf1
Revert "Add an SearcherActor, wrapping Searcher & DbPool" 4ヶ月前
  Mina Galić b92a877420
finish off the strategy document 4ヶ月前
  Mina Galić 046b5d0214
Add past attempts at solutions. 4ヶ月前
  Mina Galić 6935565efd
add design document describing current issues 4ヶ月前
  Mina Galić 5e17636b9d
Add an SearcherActor, wrapping Searcher & DbPool 4ヶ月前
  Mina Galić d344e06efd
add riker as dependency, we will use it to replace searcher 4ヶ月前