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# we don't have a crate yet, so
disable-publish = true
# change when we all have gpg keys
sign-commit = false
dev-version-ext = 'dev'
# update all crates in plume at once:
consolidate-commits = true
tag-name = "{{prefix}}{{version}}"
pre-release-hook = ["crowdin", "pull", "--branch", "master"]
pre-release-replacements = [
{file="CHANGELOG.md", search="Unreleased", replace="[{{version}}]"},
{file="CHANGELOG.md", search="\\.\\.\\.HEAD", replace="...{{tag_name}}", exactly=1},
{file="CHANGELOG.md", search="No release date", replace="{{date}}"},
{file="CHANGELOG.md", search="<!-- next-header -->", replace="<!-- next-header -->\n\n## [Unreleased] - ReleaseDate", exactly=1},
{file="CHANGELOG.md", search="<!-- next-url -->", replace="<!-- next-url -->\n[Unreleased]: https://github.com/Plume-org/Plume/compare/{{tag_name}}...HEAD", exactly=1},