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@use templates::base;
@use template_utils::*;
@use routes::user::UpdateUserForm;
@use validator::ValidationErrors;
@use routes::*;
@(ctx: BaseContext, form: UpdateUserForm, errors: ValidationErrors)
@:base(ctx, i18n!(ctx.1, "Edit your account"), {}, {}, {
@if let Some(u) = ctx.2.clone() {
<h1>@i18n!(ctx.1, "Your Profile")</h1>
@i18n!(ctx.1, "To change your avatar, upload it in your gallery and select from there.")
<a href="@uri!(medias::new)">@i18n!(ctx.1, "Upload an avatar")</a>
<form method="post" action="@uri!(user::update: _name = u.username.clone())">
<!-- Rocket hack to use various HTTP methods -->
<input type=hidden name="_method" value="put">
@input!(ctx.1, display_name (text), "Display name", form, errors.clone())
@input!(ctx.1, email (text), "Email", form, errors.clone())
@input!(ctx.1, summary (text), "Summary", form, errors)
<input type="submit" value="@i18n!(ctx.1, "Update account")"/>
<h2>@i18n!(ctx.1, "Danger zone")</h2>
<p>@i18n!(ctx.1, "Be very careful, any action taken here can't be cancelled.")
@if !u.is_admin {
<form method="post" action="@uri!(user::delete: name = u.username)">
<input type="submit" class="inline-block button destructive" value="@i18n!(ctx.1, "Delete your account")">
} else {
<p>@i18n!(ctx.1, "Sorry, but as an admin, you can't leave your own instance.")</p>