The documentation for Plume.
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The documentation for Plume, available at

Uses middleman.


  • Ruby
  • Crowdin CLI v3 if you build translations
  • Netlify CLI if you deploy

Setting up

Install RubyGems including middleman:

bundle config set --local path vendor/bundle
bundle install

Editing documentation


bundle exec middleman

, visit http://localhost:4567/, and then you can see documentation site.

Edit files under source directory and reload your browser, then you see updated content. But this site doesn’t include translations. If you want to include translated pages, see next section.

After editing, create a pull request.

Building site with translation integration

If you want to build site with translations, you need set up Crowdin CLI.


bundle exec rake build_site

and then the site with translations is built under build directory. You can see the site using one-liner server such as

ruby -run -e httpd build

or web server such as Caddy.

Updating translation strings

When you add and/or modify strings from current sources, you may want to translate them. To do so, updated contents need to be uploaded to Crowdin. Run

bundle exec rake crowdin:upload

then you can translate strings at Crowdin.

Building translation site

When you build site for, run

bundle exec rake build_trans

then the site is built under translate directory.

Deploying site

You need Netlify CLI if you deploy site.


bundle exec rake deploy

then you can see updated site at

Deploying translation site


bundle exec rake deploy_trans

and then you can see updated translation site at