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  Ana Gelez 6187e16926 Fix link to docs source code 9 months ago
  Ana Gelez 855a91a339 Don't recommend installing without a reverse proxy 9 months ago
  Ana Gelez 29b1bcf62e Restore IIS subdirectory installation, but clearly state that it is experimental 9 months ago
  Ana Gelez 3fdda57bb1 Fix menu chevrons on mobile 9 months ago
  Ana Gelez 1f46bc8953 Replace references to 0.4.0 with 0.5.0 9 months ago
  Ana Gelez 3239b703ee Document markdown 9 months ago
  Ana Gelez 51fa501fde A few style improvements 9 months ago
  Ana Gelez 834b7297db Document new Matrix rooms 9 months ago
  Mina Galić 8de3225a74
Merge pull request #87 from Plume-org/new-langs 11 months ago
  Ana Gelez 506ea08e35 Better English + Link to Matrix 11 months ago
  Ana Gelez 5e3d6c1f36 More precisions about adding new languages + add a 's' 11 months ago
  Ana Gelez 8c3529c654 Explain how to add new languages to the app 11 months ago
  KITAITI Makoto d173a8b59c
Add DB_MAX_SIZE and DB_MIN_IDLE to environment variables (#86) 1 year ago
  Timothy Cyrus 2919aed156
Update creating-themes.html.md (#85) 1 year ago
  iamdoubz 1423e02ce4
Add Windows OS to install docs (#83) 1 year ago
  Violet White c1bb0b0de3 Add libclang and its various incarnations to the install documentation (#79) 1 year ago
  dependabot[bot] 8b3c334923 Bump rack from 2.0.7 to 2.0.8 (#74) 1 year ago
  Mina Galić 7d76147af5
Merge pull request #72 from Plume-org/update-everything 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez 83d0a6403d
-n have been renamed -p 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez 4ad5745484 Update everything before the release. 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez 2f17354b87 Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:Plume-org/docs into dev 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez da67a64747
Update search instructions (#70) 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez 7c7cf20003 Update search instructions 1 year ago
  Marek Ľach dccbcf5919 Minor grammar fixes on donations page (#69) 1 year ago
  Christopher James Halse Rogers 106e00d0a4 Minimally document snap package (#68) 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez 5be530d7b6
Document themes (#48) 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez 0ae09480c6
Update the update docs (#66) 1 year ago
  Mina Galić 6a5f7dd922
Merge pull request #65 from Plume-org/media-upload 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez f8a0d8c1ef
Mention .env.sample (#67) 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez 590c155b47
Fix default MEDIA_UPLOAD_DIRECTORY value 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez 48954a9228
Explicitely tell where the .env file should be created (#60) 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez dda4975fa3 Document MEDIA_UPLOAD_DIRECTORY 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez f7db8b1856
Explicitely say that mails can be disabled (#64) 1 year ago
  Ted Jameson 8123a78e3b Fix small errors in example nginx configuration (#61) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima 9c8fc08f88 document compiling wasm in release (#58) 1 year ago
  Ted Jameson c09f19ea7f Address is spelled with two 'd's (#55) 1 year ago
  fdb-hiroshima 6dbdd1726d Brew: add gettext to PATH (#54) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 5908a71251
Docker non interactive (#50) 1 year ago
  Wilfried OLLIVIER 837132113d Replace plume setup commands in docker install 1 year ago
  Wilfried OLLIVIER eb0e0d6410 Remove useless postgres setup commands in docker install 1 year ago
  Wilfried OLLIVIER b0842c3e63 Change DATABASE_URL 1 year ago
  Wilfried OLLIVIER 869436d6db Add postgres variable into docker.sample.env 1 year ago
  Wilfried OLLIVIER ea2a8e21aa Update plume version in docker-compose 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 1f8e5d6855
plm database setup doesn't exist 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 7b6ebbc9d1
Quote su commands in docker docs (#44) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 639bb71e24
Don't minify JS/CSS 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez a7fccd79bc
Move contribution guides to the documentation (#41) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 94d5ab0ff2
Add `MAIL_ADDRESS` environment variable (#46) 1 year ago
  Rob Watson 26d7541eb3 Add `MAIL_ADDRESS` environment variable 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez d5d48daf2f Minor fixes 1 year ago