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  Ana Gelez bc63c7ec60 v0.6.0 5 months ago
  Ana Gelez 38f16d7418 Make it compile on stable 8 months ago
  Gelez 843d068a38
Fix a few errors in the README 11 months ago
  Ana Gelez a12673b33d
Merge pull request #13 from alexanderkjall/patch-1 1 year ago
  Alexander Kjäll 410e420328
fixed typo in comment 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez c5395ab049 Fix build on latest nigthly 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez a32c0ee40e Yet another version bump (0.5.1) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 7e664e5fd1 Update gettext 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 29f9d669e5 Version bump (+ badges) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez c861e3d3fa Document everything! 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 5e87a71712 Cargo fmt 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 763b54d046 Add a Config struct to read/write config 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez bee7f491b0 Add a t! macro to mark string as translated without actually translating them + allow non-literal expressions in i18n! 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 2768060710 Save .mo files in ./target 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 5db9a3f869 Add some options to init_i18n! (fixes #4, fixes #6) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 203efc20f4 Support for context (fixes #3) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 3325c6b167 Better error messages 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez f5cd3a20f1 Remove gettext-utils 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez fafe0b461b Use runtime-fmt (fixes #5) 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez bcc85a49a7 v0.4.0 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 27483faafe Better handling of workspaces 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez f8f47ab3e3 Version bump 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 741a6075aa Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Aardwolf-Social/gettext-macros 2 years ago
  asonix 43e51be4c5
Don't write duplicate msgids 2 years ago
  asonix b4afe4103a
Bump version ??? 2 years ago
  asonix c5069babd1
Fix include_i18n, cargo fmt 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez f3297d6400 v0.2.0 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 6b17e04ada Adjustments after real-world testing 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 8d8a0ec8a8 Description + license for gettext-utils 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez dd5b8fca8e Pin gettext-utils version 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez ebd2bbbae9 Update Cargo.toml 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 866ba772da Update README.md 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 8f4b4156f3 Big code simplification 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 7bb2631e5f Add format args support 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 617d0c7f7a Remove test output 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 938bf51e54 First version 2 years ago