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Recommand people to use the xtr tool instead of manually generating the .pot

Olivier Goffart 4 years ago
committed by Baptiste Gelez
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@ -68,23 +68,18 @@ Because of its design, `rocket_i18n` is only compatible with askama. You can use
the `t` macro in your templates, as long as they have a field called `catalog` to
store your catalog.
### Editing the POT
### Generating the POT
For those strings to be translatable you should also add them to the `po/YOUR_DOMAIN.pot` file. To add a simple message, just do:
For those strings to be translatable you need to extract them in a `po/YOUR_DOMAIN.pot` file.
You can use the [`xtr`]( tool.
msgid "Hello, world" # The string you used with your filter
msgstr "" # Always empty
RUSTFLAGS='--cfg procmacro2_semver_exempt' cargo install xtr
xtr src/ -o po/your-domain.pot -k i18n:2,3
For plural forms, the syntax is a bit different:
msgid "You have one new notification" # The singular form
msgid_plural "You have {{ count }} new notifications" # The plural one
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""
RUSTFLAGS is optional, to annotate the .pot files with line numbers.
`-k i18n:2,3` is telling xtr to extract strings from the `i18n!` macro second and third argument.
### Using with Actix Web