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  asonix 3eca920593 Fix docs 1 year ago
  asonix ee253eca27 Upgrade actix, gettext 2 years ago
  Llaurence ada273e4a9 Add I18n.lang 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 72f8e0076e Merge branch 'master' of github.com:BaptisteGelez/rocket_i18n 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 3efc3c3c13 v0.4.0 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez a1e7c9299c Use gettext_macros macros 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard 9fc10a9aae Modify all link to match new repository location 2 years ago
  Olivier Goffart 88215b6093 Recommand people to use the xtr tool instead of manually generating the .pot 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 90ba4f41b2 Version bump: 0.3.1 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard 7a397ffdfe Add documentation for include_i18n! 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard 6a6f6e38f2 Add new macro importing translation to the final binary 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 4148b79c18 Bump version to 0.3.0 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez c90fde6e17 Use &str instead of String in build methods 2 years ago
  asonix f8f9913f6f Require domain in i18n init 2 years ago
  asonix b0902bf709 Fix build methods I think 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 0f4774cbe0 Make Translations public 2 years ago
  asonix 5615407ec4 Add actix-web support 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 9b2a5a75a9 Update dependencies 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 040afe6a23 Fix some issues with macros 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez ef7bf55767 Force u64 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 8417b8c93a Merge branch 'master' of github.com:BaptisteGelez/rocket_i18n 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez a5cbdcbd56 Fix the i18n macro for ngettext syntax 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard c76d8381a0 Wait for process to finish successfully 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 7fa1b0bd6b Update README.md 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez b79aa0776b Better error handling in try_format 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 1cede79b5d Use the native gettext crate (and change almost all the API) 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez d5d44c2951
Add Travis Badge 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 1b7c94a0c6
Merge pull request #6 from fdb-hiroshima/feature/add-ci 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 4eec3d2fe3
Merge pull request #5 from fdb-hiroshima/feature/multiple-local 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard 74bf2141ca Fix tests 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard 3ae492644e Add travis.yml 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard 40a8278694 Try to explore other locals if first is unknown 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 75a3bfd7b8
Merge pull request #3 from lthms/recent_rocket 2 years ago
  Thomas Letan b9bd6b9674 Use a more recent version of rocket 2 years ago
  Bat 4ccd0b081d Update to a more recent version of Rocket 2 years ago
  Bat 5b4225d5be Ignore the country code. Fix #1 2 years ago
  Bat 5b29d96504 Update installation instructions 2 years ago
  Bat 457b88c59e Use the master branch of Rocket 2 years ago
  Bat 4e39f2508b 5 keywords max 2 years ago
  Bat 05c8415516 Add metadata + document the crate 2 years ago
  Bat 35ec9d6ab6 Add README.md 2 years ago
  Bat 4a34e5dd73 Add some documentation 2 years ago
  Bat abae6926a7 Initial commit 2 years ago