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  Gelez 4e8f12810c
Merge pull request #11 from Plume-org/feat/async-trait 11 months ago
  Mina Galić e2b2b376a6
add async tests to travis test script 11 months ago
  Mina Galić bd0bff44bf
add tests for AsyncResolver; use cargo clippy for further guidance. 11 months ago
  Mina Galić b7859343bc
add async tests 11 months ago
  Mina Galić 075fe1cf9a
update mockito to fix its compile issue 11 months ago
  Mina Galić 7df1cbe7ba
async_trait creates an AsyncResovlver, that can live along-side Resolver 11 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 42bfd3efb0
fix compilation with the help of @jebrosen 11 months ago
  Mina Galić 390d2189b5
make trait non-generic, and Send safe 11 months ago
  Mina Galić 5b91cd056c
start an optional implementation for async_trait 11 months ago
  Gelez c49467766c
Merge pull request #9 from Plume-org/update-deps 11 months ago
  Gelez 9f1e0e7074
Merge pull request #10 from Plume-org/fix/git-attributes 11 months ago
  Mina Galić 9ebb9cd9b8
add git attributes and remove executable bit from files in repo 11 months ago
  Ana Gelez cdaab95ed5 Update deps + asyncify fetching 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez ecb8a183bf Allow "configurabe" resolvers 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 9c73425f70 Version bump: 0.4.1 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez bc88621d74 Add support for payloads without 'aliases' 1 year ago
  Baptiste Gelez 82e6d7e3f0
Merge pull request #6 from Plume-org/no-null 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard 3724c57aec cargo fmt 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard 9d14d73609 don't serialize None 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez d30858374f Add some badges! 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez fe18c56f81 Try to add codecov 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 5038624bbf Merge branch 'master' of github.com:BaptisteGelez/webfinger 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 47901eb269 Version bump: 0.4.0 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez 2bb0133d41 Add support for group: and custom prefixes (fixes #3) 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez c98816741c
Merge pull request #4 from Plume-org/accept-json 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard 3141e7ed52 Accept both jrd+json and json for queries 2 years ago
  Bat 1b72b441e3 Bump to 0.3.1 2 years ago
  Bat 339cf52bd3 Bump version to 0.3.0 2 years ago
  Bat c9ec9ce4a6 Add Travis CI 2 years ago
  Bat e05e6fa700 Allow to have an URI template, and not an actual URI 2 years ago
  Baptiste Gelez abc5f5b7c7
Merge pull request #1 from fdb-hiroshima/upgrade-reqwest 2 years ago
  Trinity Pointard d92086f082 Upgrade reqwest to 0.9 2 years ago
  Bat b919428fe1 Version bump 2 years ago
  Bat 74af5f03b7 Add a parameter to disable HTTPS (usefull for debugging) 2 years ago
  Bat e5636d8e40 Add a license file (GPL-3.0) 2 years ago
  Bat a4bf98ea46 Add some metadata 2 years ago
  Bat 5040bb607f Add a README.md 2 years ago
  Bat 0211894ef6 Documentation 2 years ago
  Bat c5553cc261 Add some tests 2 years ago
  Bat a9d5b52133 Initial commit 2 years ago