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Ana Gelez a52b8393a2
Introduce Searcher::new 1 year ago
Ana Gelez 5f8d6b8e0e Rust 2018! (#726) 2 years ago
Baptiste Gelez 8f1ab3485e
Add some feedback when performing some actions (#552) 3 years ago
fdb-hiroshima 26fc2cde5d
use circleci instead of travis (#511) 3 years ago
Atul Bhosale b945d1f602 Run 'cargo fmt' to format code (#489) 3 years ago
Igor Galić 732f514da7 Refactor with the help of Clippy (#462) 3 years ago
Baptiste Gelez 5880dc1957
Improve search UI (#375) 3 years ago
Baptiste Gelez b0089e59b7
Remove useless pagination routes (#351) 3 years ago
Trinity Pointard fcbaf6eee3 Allow to keep query params in paginate 3 years ago
Baptiste Gelez 70af57c6e1
Use Ructe (#327) 3 years ago
fdb-hiroshima 449641d158
Add a search engine into Plume (#324) 3 years ago