30 labels

  • A: API
    Related to the REST API
  • A: Backend
    Code running on the server
  • A: Federation
    Stuff related to Federation
  • A: Front-End
    Related to the front-end
  • A: I18N
    Translations, and related code
  • A: Meta
    More about project management or code than the project itself
  • A: Security
  • Build
    The building, or installation process of Plume
  • C: Bug
    Something isn't working
  • C: Discussion
    We need to talk
  • C: Enhancement
    New feature or request
  • C: Feature
    This is a new feature
  • Compatibility
    Compatibility with different browsers, readers and OS
  • Dependency
    Related to an external package that Plume uses
  • Design
    UI/UX related issues and PRs
  • Documentation
  • Good first issue
    Good for newcomers
  • Help welcome
    Extra attention is needed
  • Mobile
    Issues affecting only mobile UX
  • Rendering
    How elements're rendered out for the end user
  • S: Blocked
    Something else needs to be fixed first
  • S: Duplicate
    This issue or pull request already exists
  • S: Incomplete
    This PR is not complete yet
  • S: Instance specific
    Issues concern a limited number of instances
  • S: Invalid
    This doesn't seem right
  • S: Needs Voting/Discussion
    Need to be discussed by the community (on Loomio)
  • S: Ready for review
    This PR is ready to be reviewed
  • Suggestion
    Proposed ideas worth considering
  • S: Voted on Loomio
    This is issue has been created after a vote on Loomio
  • S: Wontfix
    This will not be worked on