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  Ana Gelez f6d169567c
Introduce Searcher::new 7 months ago
  Ana Gelez eaad38ad2c
Avoid unwrapping, return an Error instead 7 months ago
  Mina Galić 962fbcc503
plume-model: refactor Searcher to have its own DbPool 7 months ago
  Mina Galić f945e18bf1
Revert "Add an SearcherActor, wrapping Searcher & DbPool" 6 months ago
  Mina Galić b92a877420
finish off the strategy document 7 months ago
  Mina Galić 046b5d0214
Add past attempts at solutions. 7 months ago
  Mina Galić 6935565efd
add design document describing current issues 7 months ago
  Mina Galić 5e17636b9d
Add an SearcherActor, wrapping Searcher & DbPool 7 months ago
  Mina Galić d344e06efd
add riker as dependency, we will use it to replace searcher 7 months ago
  trinity-1686a 9ec2d93f50 implement login via LDAP 4 months ago
  Trinity Pointard 4da9b24cb1 cargo fmt 4 months ago
  Trinity Pointard f40634aa97 address comments 4 months ago
  Trinity Pointard ccba8163c9 fix compilation issue with cli 4 months ago
  Trinity Pointard 8975b0f9e9 cargo fmt 4 months ago
  Trinity Pointard d626f3366d add support for ldap 4 months ago
  Trinity Pointard b24f195e10 refactor login 4 months ago
  Mina Galić 003dcf861a Merge pull request 'CSS Fix: My title is displayed at the wrong position on Webkit browsers' (#825) from quentin/Plume:pr/flex into main 5 months ago
  Quentin Dufour 5d8efa77a3 Fix title 5 months ago
  kiwii fb6d49cc6e Merge pull request 'GPU acceleration for the mobile menu' (#818) from gpu-acceleration into main 6 months ago
  Mina Galić 48776939f4 Merge branch 'main' into gpu-acceleration 6 months ago
  Marek Ľach 104b6c1d0c
GPU acceleration for the mobile menu 6 months ago
  Mina Galić 3881927550 Merge pull request 'mobile-margins' (#817) from mobile-margins into main 6 months ago
  Ana Gelez 0bec13edc0 Improve responsiveness 1 year ago
  Ana Gelez 191d6da486 Move header-related style to _header.scss 1 year ago
  kiwii 9aaff1a484 Merge pull request 'Use result of local storage insert operation to suppress Clippy' (#810) from KitaitiMakoto/Plume:suppress-clippy into main 7 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto 36fd55a7e4 Use result of local storage insert operation to suppress Clippy 7 months ago
  kiwii fc474bf8d1 Merge pull request '[BUG FIX]Make it possible to switch to rich text editor' (#808) from KitaitiMakoto/Plume:richtexteditor into main 7 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto a050deb557 [BUG FIX]Make it possible to switch to rich text editor 7 months ago
  kiwii 6de9a1f1c8 Merge pull request 'Recreate search index if its format is outdated' (#802) from KitaitiMakoto/Plume:invalid-index into main 7 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto 5e30bede40 Don't care about needless return value of closures 7 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto 5cca66b346 Add action user can take to error message 7 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto 484659fde2 Run cargo fmt 7 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto 5fc827c1c9 Re-initialize search index when recreating is failed 7 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto 50753b3a65 Recreate search index if its format is outdated 7 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto c5d03d300b Cause IndexInvalidDataError when search index is invalid 7 months ago
  kiwii 010eac6c4a Merge pull request 'upgrade rocket* to the latest stable' (#800) from igalic/Plume:update/rocket into main 7 months ago
  Mina Galić a107d35492
upgrade rocket* to the latest stable 7 months ago
  Kitaiti Makoto f9beb2383b Update lindera-tantivy to v0.1.3 7 months ago
  Chosto 7e78cffcaa
Bump Docker base images to buster flavor (#797) 8 months ago
  TheMasix 28576c1fa3
Add Vazir Font (#787) 8 months ago
  Gelez d99b42582d
Add Persian to the list of languages (#782) 8 months ago
  KITAITI Makoto 92a386277b
Switchable tokenizer (#776) 8 months ago
  Gelez 297d9fcf40
Don't show boosts and likes for "all" and "local" in timelines (#781) 8 months ago
  KITAITI Makoto ef70cb93e6
Upgrade Tantivy to v0.12.0 (#771) 9 months ago
  Daniel Watkins efb76a3c17
remove dependency on runtime-fmt (#773) 9 months ago
  KITAITI Makoto 197f0d7ecd
Add test for hash including ZWSP (#772) 9 months ago
  KITAITI Makoto 3be842c653
Make database connections configurable by environment variables (#768) 9 months ago
  KITAITI Makoto dabe904642
Escape expressions in @Html (#767) 9 months ago
  KITAITI Makoto 180e34b07c
Fix Atom feed datetime format (#766) 9 months ago
  KITAITI Makoto 847d6f7fac
Fix Atom feed (#764) 9 months ago